Our Story

In the beginning…

Originally we met in Phoenix, Arizona. Johana grew up Catholic. Ricky didn’t. But her faith rubbed off on him and soon he felt God calling him. He accepted the call and was baptized and became Catholic in 2008.

We entered into the bonds of holy matrimony in 2009.

With our vows we kicked off what is now the Jones family!

In 2011 we received an amazing Christmas gift.

A trip to the doctor revealed what we already knew to be true. We were expecting!

We were so excited about our baby on the way!

In 2012 we finally welcomed our first child into the world!

Joshua was born and our lives were forever changed. We were no longer just a young, newlywed couple, we were parents!

It wasn’t long before baby #2 arrived.

The birth of our second son Elijah was just as amazing as the first. The make a perfect pair. And at only 15 months apart, people are always asking us if they are twins. We say that Joshua is more like Ricky: shy, reserved, analytical, observant. Elijah on the other hand is much more like Johana: outgoing, emotional, strong-willed, and very hands on. We love them both!

And Joshua was excited to meet his baby brother!

2015 Was a Big Year for Us

We’ve got a lot on our plate although our priority is always our family. But through the years we’ve come to realize that we are very driven people and find it difficult to do the traditional 9 to 5, then come home and veg out in front of the TV. Here is a sample of some of the projects we started in 2015.

Johana Started Her Event Planning Business

She always loved baking and decorating so she decided to put her talents to work and offer her services to the public. In 2015 she officially started her own business Invite Event Planning. It’s been a journey, but she’s learned a lot and had a lot of fun along the way.

See some of her work.

Ricky Wrote His First Book

He’s been blogging since he entered the Church in 2008. Although the blog has gone through a few changes over the years, he has always had the mission of learning, living, and sharing his faith. After years of blogging he decided to take the next logical step and write a book. Seven Lessons in Leading People to Life Change is a practical guide for living your faith, leading people into relationship with God, and building up the Church.

See what real people are saying about the book or purchase it on Amazon.

Together We Founded a Non-Profit

After five years of equipping parents to teach their faith to their children, we felt called to start an organization that would allow us to spread the faith to all parts of the world, especially those places that are struggling to provide good faith formation from evangelization to catechesis and beyond. Hence, The ROCK Association was founded. We’re currently half-way through the process of building a convent in rural Tanzania.

Learn about our cause or donate today!

In 2017 We Began Another Adventure

We stepped down from some of the ministry work we were doing in our Church in order to dedicate our time to our family which includes our marriage and our children. We learned that serving God doesn’t always mean serving in the parish. The family is the domestic Church, and it’s prime mission territory if you ask us!

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