Do You Feel Loved? [Episode #013]

We recently watched an hilarious movie on Netflix called The Break Up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. They play a young married couple who are struggling with many issues, primarily communication. One of the best scenes was one in which they were having a very heated argument. What made it great was that it was true!

She was mad at him and he didn’t know why. Even as she is explaining herself to him, he hears what she is saying, but isn’t able to interpret what she really means. Take two minutes and watch it.

Why Your Marriage Matters [#012]

After a two month long hiatus from the show, we’re finally back! And we’ve got lots to talk about. We hope your summer has been as blessed as ours has been.

“Aaah, summer – that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility.” Darell Hammond

That doesn’t sound at all how our summer has been. Summer has not been slow for us. In fact, this has been the busiest summer of our lives!

Is Happily Ever After a Possibility? [#007]

What is marriage really about? On this episode of LIVE with the Joneses we share our view on marriage growing up, when we got married, and now after 7 years of being married. We’ll give you a new perspective on marriage as well as a review of an awesome movie we watched this week that bears witness to this. Lastly, we’ll see what the Bible has to say about it so that you can decide for yourself if happily ever after is a possibility.

Dealing with Disappointment [Episode #006]

We all are faced with disappointment throughout our lives. On this episode of LIVE with the Joneses we talk about dealing with disappointment. We share some of our own personal experiences facing disappointment, as well as share some ideas for overcoming it. Plus a review of a powerful movie we watched this week and an example of disappointment from the life of Jesus.

Kids & Classical Music – Homeschooling Kids with Music

We all know that music is important for the growth and development of our kids, but it’s also fun! Even before they are born they can hear and feel music in the womb before they can see. Good music has a way of moving us the way no other thing can—emotionally or physically.

Tips for Introducing Your Kids to Classical Music

Of course there are all different types of music, but we feel it’s important to introduce our kids to classical music and in this video we show some tips or strategies you can use to do the same.